Monday, July 27, 2009


Monday, July 27, 2009

·They have led a youth rally over the weekend and had several decisions.

·They worshipped with the African church twice yesterday and saw
God’s hand all over it.

·Tomorrow they will be working with college students in Kampala.

·Michael and Kelly have been a tremendous asset to the office staff. They have cleaned up their computers, set up new email addresses, added pages to their website and set up a blog.

·The team is working with Save the Street Children in Kampala today. These are children who have no homes and would literally be sleeping on the streets if it were not for this ministry. Visit their site at for a little insight into what they do. Be sure to read “A Child’s Story.”

·The group was able to meet with many pastors from the area. These pastors work secular jobs in order to provide for members of their congregations. They receive little support from their churches but are giving their lives to show the glory of Christ to the nations!

Hopefully, we’ll hear more details from them later today. They have been overwhelmed with ministry all weekend and are excited about all that God is doing to show Himself glorious!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye to the school.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The team is doing great. They just finished their last day at the school, and they are returning to Kampala for work in the city tomorrow. When the kids found out it was their last day, they started crying. There is one boy there who was having a difficult time parting with the team. He was beaten by his parents and left in the bush to die. He found his way to the school and has been there ever since.

Brittney has become close to several students who are pleading with her to stay and teach. Michael gave away his shoes today to a kid who had no shoes. Matthew has been spending a lot of time with teachers showing them how to teach. Kelly has been helping in the clinic which is way out of her comfort zone but is a life-changing experience. Drew has been working with the doctor and nurse in the clinic. He has assisted with several procedures which is a great learning tool for him! Autumn has been accompanying Holly in leading worship and has been playing with kids! Holly is teaching songs to the teachers and kids and leading worship. Lacey definitely feels better and has been in her element loving on kids every day! Adam has become close to several of the older boys who needed someone to mentor them. Boys without a father can identify with Adam who lost his dad several years ago.

The team prayerfully decided to buy a motorcycle for the school. The schoolmaster nor any of the teachers nor anyone at the school has any mode of transportation. Only Peter and Phoebe have a van and they are not at the school every day (they run a couple of orphanages in addition to several churches and have their own business). The nearest store to buy food is over 5 miles away. So, this will be a great tool for the school! In addition, the team is purchasing new drums for the school because all of their drums (that they use daily) are extremely worn.

The team was able to take pictures of the kids who board at the school today who still need sponsors. Sponsorships enable children to continue to board at the school and not have to walk 12+ miles each day (one way) home. We will post those on our website when they return.

They are all going to a game park tomorrow that is close by. They are loving life in Africa and are seeing God is marvelous ways!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sickness, home visits and... a dowry?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today’s update is a little shorter as the phone call was a short one. Lacey is still sick to her stomach…she took Cipro and that seems to have helped. She was feeling better today (this evening by their time). The soccer match was a blowout, as the team expected. However, our team scored two points, thanks to Matthew! Way to go Matthew!

The team was utterly exhausted today and worn out. But, God is sustaining them. They took some time today to go visit homes where the children (who are not boarded at the school) live. The children walk from their homes daily to the school for their education. The children leave the school at 4:00 pm just to make sure they get home before dark….that’s at least 12 miles if not more. One way. What a sacrifice.

While they were visiting homes, an older gentleman spoke to JT in his tribal language. Peter was there to translate the conversation. Basically, the old man had seen Autumn and wanted her to stay with him. So, he offered JT several cattle…apparently, he kept “upping his bid” to get Autumn. JT refused but did find it humorous. I think Charles and Anita will be glad that he declined such an offer.

Tomorrow is a big day of teaching for all of them so please continue to pray that God would give them strength, endurance and wisdom!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our God is an AWESOME God!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good afternoon everyone! What a day the team has had today! As they drove up to the school in the village, 670 kids were standing outside all lined up. The kids were chanting and singing praise to God for the team. Apparently, the team was overwhelmed with God’s loving-kindness and the generosity of the school…there was not a dry eye in the group.

Over the next several days, each team member was given an assignment by Phoebe (keep in mind that she has only known them for 2 days and we didn’t send her any information about these people prior to the trip). So, here’s the assignments:

Brittney and Michael – leading a school wide devotion each day (these are our two quietest team members and they are going to lead over 700 people in time with God every day)!!!

Autumn – teaching Kindergarten

Holly – leading a music seminar and helping lead worship at the church

Adam – leading a seminar about working in the business world (this made him laugh but God will use him to show others what that means on a daily basis)!

Lacey – will be teaching the entire preschool (she is SO excited)

Matthew – teaching the teachers of older kids

Kelly – working directly with the school staff and helping with computers/websites

Drew – working with the physician at the clinic (right next to the school)

In addition, Matthew and Adam will be leading a soccer clinic (along with other members of the team). The older kids at the school have challenged the team and staff members to a soccer match. The team is prepared to lose by a large margin! God is also allowing the team to make home visits to the homes of the kids who are boarded at the school, lead revival services and numerous other ministry opportunities. They are simply overwhelmed at the ministry already and how God has orchestrated all of this for His glory!

The Dirt Roads of Uganda....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good morning everyone! The team has finished a glorious morning in worship in a church in Uganda. There were about 150 people there, and over 25 decisions this morning. Praise be to our Father. JT preached the sermon, and Autumn and Holly helped lead the music. They did a great job!

The team is truly experiencing “the dirt roads of Uganda” (from the Stephen Curtis Chapman hit, “Yours”). The roads are right outside of the city and are the worst roads any of our mission teams have ever traveled. Apparently, the dirt roads of Swaziland look like interstates compared to these roads. Lacey has been carsick from the ride but seems to be improving. She is thinking of walking the rest of the time (just kidding)!

The team is going back to church tonight and is looking forward to working at the school tomorrow. Remember that they are now 8 hours ahead of us. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide their every step, breath, word and action!

We have arrived!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good afternoon everyone! I just heard from JT and they are all safe in Uganda. It was quite cold in Johannesburg (it’s winter there) but the group was glad for the change in weather. It will be very hot in Uganda.

Praise God that all of the team is doing well, and all of their baggage arrived without any incident. Peter and Phoebe have met them at the Entebbe airport and are waiting on the transportation to arrive. The group is tired but excited to be there! They are staying at a bed and breakfast tonight in Kampala.

Everyone handled the 15 hour flight from NY well and the 5 hour flight into Uganda! Praise the Lord for His goodness to the team!

Update on the team headed for Uganda..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good morning everyone! The team landed safely in the Johannesburg airport this morning (at 2:45 am our time). Now, they are on board flight 160 (South African Airways) to Uganda. They will arrive today at 7:10 PM in Entebbe. To watch this aircraft, you will have to use Most American/Canadian sites don’t track flights overseas.

The team will be met by Peter and Phoebe Sozi of Divine Care Ministries. They are the primary missionary contacts for the team while they are in Uganda. The Sozi’s run an orphanage and a school for children. The team will stay at a bed and breakfast tonight in Kampala. Please pray that they rest well and can easily adjust to the time change.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Sheryl A. Turner

On the road again......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good morning everyone!

The entire team is on their way to South Africa now. You can track their progress at this site: They are scheduled to arrive at 8:50 AM (South African Standard Time). They are 7 hours ahead of us, so that will be 1:50 AM for us. I’ll send out another email when they arrive.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Sheryl A. Turner

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Arizona and Getting Ready for Uganda

Hey everyone,
I’m sad about leaving Arizona because that is my second family, but I’m excited about going to Africa. I have always wanted to go to Africa, but never thought I would be able to go. I have been preparing for this trip by getting shots :( and medication. I’ve been consistently praying for this trip. I know God has something planned for us while we are there. Just pray that our hearts and minds will be open to what God wants us to do while we are there.
Love in Christ,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As always it seems I am late in doing things. Procrastination is a problem that I deal with daily. The instant I touched down in Baltimore it seemed as if a flood of life's problems washed over me. Things that I should have taken care of the instant I walked through the door, I put off for later. God is now pushing me and and prodding me, telling me, "You learned a lot about me and how I work, are you going to do something with that knowledge?" It has been a difficult 10 days of "home", and to a degree I felt as if I had wasted it. Please pray for in this area of my life, it does become difficult at times.

While in Arizona, God showed me a part of Himself that I have always had difficulty accepting, and that is the area of Lordship. He has shown me that His will is His work and that is the work I am to be involved in. I believe we should have goals in life things that help us drive onward, but those goals must be God-given, God ordained, or else those things will not bring Him honor. No matter what I do, want, dream, or have ambitions for, it is His will that counts. Any lowly human dreams are nothing compared to the glory that He has in store for those who make Him Lord of their lives. God does His work, but am I quiet enough to hear Him inviting me?


Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a few days until Uganda!

Hey everyone! We only have a few more days until we leave for Uganda. I am all packed and ready to head to the Turner's home this afternoon. I look forward to sweet fellowship with that precious family and with the Africa team at our meeting tonight. Since returning from Arizona I have spent A LOT of time resting up for our trip to come. It has been wonderful to spend time with my family and friends here at home. They bring such encouragement and joy to my heart!

Something I want to share because I know everyone deals with it and you might benefit from me saying so is that I have also been dealing with attacks from the enemy during these past few days. He has tried to get me distracted by becoming worried over a situation in my life and in doing so shift my focus from The One I am to be focused on. God, however, is helping me to fight off those attacks and He is reminding me that I am to PRAISE HIM. Those are the words that I kept getting from him yesterday. When we are praising our Lord it is very difficult to worry about other things and to focus on ourselves. Moving my thoughts from the thing I was worried about to praising Him made the world of difference. Another way the enemy has attacked is through my continual struggle with my Arizona I had little trouble, but as soon as we got back home with all of the trees & grass my allergies started going crazy. I am praying that God will help me to overcome all of these obstacles and strengthen me through them. The enemy will do anything in his power to divert our attention from God's work, but praise God that He has overcome and is King over all! "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:32-33

I am really looking forward to Uganda and the work God will do there. He goes before us and behind us. We will be there to be His hands and feet for a short time, but I know His work is ongoing! God has placed inside of me a passion for people and for the nations, and I am so thankful that He has provided this opportunity for me to be able to travel to Africa and spread His Word there. I also am excited about experiencing an African worship service! :) Thank you again for your prayers for our team! I believe that praying for someone is the most powerful thing we can do for a person. I hope you have a blessed day!

Love in Christ,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gearing up for Uganda

Hey everyone, Holly here!! I just wanted to fill yall in a little bit on how I personally have been preparing for our trip to Uganda in just a few days to come. Well, as you all know, I have just gotten back from working with the Tohono Od'dham people in Arizona where God is clearly at work in that nation. While going through the "Experiencing God" devotional workbook I have come to a better realization that God is always at work around us and is just waiting for us to join Him in His work. He wants to have an intimate love relationship with us that is real and personal. We just need to have the faith that God is in complete control. God has proven to me that he will provide for us and our greatest needs will be met if we fully put our trust in Him. When I first found out about this internship and the cost of the trips to both Arizona and Africa my initial thought was "there is no way this can happen" because with both my sister and I going this is an outragious amount of money. Let me tell you.. God is our Provider!! ALL of the travel expenses have been paid and the money still keeps coming. This extra money helps with all of the shots that we have to get in preparation for Africa and also all of the supplies as well. Now that I have been home from Arizona for a week I have been trying to prepare physically for the culture change to come in Uganda. Not to say that we haven't been eating properly but now we're just trying to eat as to store up enough food in case we get hungry while we're there :) haha!! and I'm trying to adjust myself to the living conditions as well, I think I might have also gone about three days without showering as to see just how it could possibly be. I'm just kidding.. I dont think it was quite 3 days. :) Well, I would ask that you would just please continue to keep us all in your prayers and we continue to go and do the work for the Kingdom of God.
Hi all!
It has been one week since we left the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation for home. Already, it weighs heavy on my heart leaving behind the people I have come to love and the place that feels like my second home. God is at work there among the nation and we are starting to see the fruit of the labor. We are reaching to new villages and returning to old ones that before did not trust us to come. We are seeing God change the hearts and lives of some that we have prayed so earnestly for. We are meeting new contacts and making new relationships, welcoming new friends into our family. We are reuniting with those from long ago and carrying on relationships built on trust alone. We are seeing how God alone can carry a family overwhelmed with grief, giving them hope of seeing their loved one once again. We see how God can take a small child and lead him to be a great young man when all is against him. We also see how He can carry our own team when we are tired, sick and weak, giving us strength to carry on His work. God is great and he is working in and around us everyday, I praise Him for all His wonderful mercies.

2 Corinthians 4:1
Therefore, since God in his mercy has given us this ministry, we never give up.

I challenge you to carry it on in your own community, be on mission right where you are. We all have been given a ministry in our daily lives. God Bless.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello everyone! Autumn here, hoping everyone had an exciting and safe 4th of July celebration yesterday. As we are wrapping up things here in Arizona I wanted to post some thoughts on the blog. The past week we saw God doing amazing things in villages and all we had to do was look around to see what He was up to and join Him in His work! As Christians, we (you included) are so blessed that He chooses to involve us in what He is doing. I had several conversations throughout the week that all seemed to be saying the same thing...people are hungry for something. In a lost world, people are desperately seeking something to believe in, to hope for, to take hold of, and to give them purpose in life. There is no greater joy than knowing that Jesus Christ has the power to redeem this fallen world we live in and desires intimate relationships with us. That is SO amazing! Being able to share Christ's love and hope with others gives me joy and encouragement. The reason we do what we do is because He has saved us and we want others to know the power of that salvation in their lives as well.

It is monsoon season in the desert, and a massive storm came on Friday afternoon resulting in a power outage that lasted for a few hours. It was actually a blessing to me because it allowed us to have (in my opinion) one of the most intimate worship services we have had all summer. We all sat under the ramada outside the church and worshiped God in the blackness of the night. It was pure and passionate worship that seemed to allow us to just freely express ourselves to the Lord without worrying about what others were thinking about when they looked at us. It was dark and difficult to see anyone's was just "you and God." As we cried out in song and worshiped through reading Scripture and sharing about the week, I couldn't help but think about how great a testimony that was to the surrounding neighbors. Some of the children we had already taken home a little earlier made their way back over and weren't acting up or being distracting, but sat and listened. What a great glimpse at the potential the new ramada has for reaching out to the area outside the church once it is completed and they begin to have church gatherings outside from time to time. A couple of people from one of the villages, who are very dear to my heart, were there Friday night and it was a blessing for us to collectively pray over them before they returned home. I believe that if they will allow Him to work through them they will be key leaders in something major the Lord is going to do in that village.

We celebrated Independence Day yesterday by watching fireworks in Tucson and enjoying spending time together as a team before we head home to see our families for a few days prior to the Africa trip. Before signing off, I want to mention a few random things that don't really seem to fit with the rest of my post, but I just can't leave them out! :) When it poured rain (and flooded) on Friday we had a great time playing in it until some of us were met with flying pieces of cow poo. Okay, so mainly it was Holly & Michael doing the throwing & Brittney & I doing the running from it! LOL. Actually we had a really great time & laughed until we had tears pouring down our faces. Once the power went out we decided to shower outside so we shampooed our heads & cleaned up under the water spicket. Some of us agree that was the best "shower" we have had all summer!

This week was great and I have been so blessed to have spent the past month out here living with and learning from the rest of the One Way team. God has really shown Himself to me in so many ways and I am learning more each day about what it means to seek after Him and follow His ways. Going through Experiencing God has really challenged me and deepened my understanding of who God is and how I am to relate to Him. I am so thankful that JT called for us to do that study together this summer. The Africa trip is coming up soon and we are looking forward to growing more as a team, in our walk with God, and in our knowledge of who He is as we see Him working in Uganda! Thank you for your continuing prayers for us!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Help Us If You Can!

I wish I could upload pics of the ramada so you all could see. We started decking the ramada this evening and we are so close to finishing our part of the project. We will complete the decking tomorrow with a possible finishing touch of siding on the trusses to close them in. The roofing is all that will remain. This has been a huge task and God has been faithful to provide the laborers and the resources so far. We have trusted His plan for this project as we did not have any budget for this when we started. I am asking you all who are following the blog to pray with us and share with others the financial need we have remaining. We are in need of around $2200.00 to complete paying for what we as a ministry have already purchased. We stepped out on faith trusting this as God's plan and we are still trusting that His plan has His provision. if you can help or know of someone who can help please share the need with them.

Our teams have one final day in the villages and we are expecting some amazing things to happen Friday. Please pray for the teams as they will be bold with the Gospel message tomorrow and eager to see a harvest. Also please join us as we pray for several people in villages across the rez who have expressed an interest in continuing the work as a leader in those villages. Pray with us that the church will follow-up with these and house gatherings will begin soon!

As we all prepare for Independence Day please join us as we pray for the independence of many across the Tohono O'odham Nation to find Independence and freedom in Christ. The struggles are getting worse and the need for revival is huge! Pray for the Body of Christ to be the light in the darkness and the salt in this world of pain and struggle. Pray as we enter the final hours of our time here this summer for the Lord to complete our work here and start the work of the next teams as we leave the nation in the hands of the Father!

In His Grip,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey guys!!! :}

So this week is going great. I, Brittney, am going to Santa Rosa. Yesterday we had over 31 kids and two adults. Four of the kids were saved. Today we had 30 kids. We are working on a 13 year named Kristen. She read her New testament Bible we gave her. It is great to see God working through these three weeks. I can't wait to see what will happen next. It rained a little bit last night and we interns played out in it. I also found a girl lizard and named her Spiky. This has been a wonderful three weeks. I'm going to miss it here. I can't wait for next year. I love the people here. They are like my family. Some of the children tell me they want me to take them back home. I would love to take them home. Over all things are going great. We are working hard. God is doing wonderful things here. One day this nation will fall on their knees before God and cry out his name.