Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Emergency, Emergency

Okay, it's NOT an emergency, but there is a great need for a medical clinic again this November in Guatemala.  Last year's trip was the first of its kind in Sacjavilla, and it was a huge blessing to people in the community as well as those who participated in the trip.

Make no mistake...this trip is centered around a medical clinic...but the TRUE core of the time is sharing the Gospel!  People have to sit and wait to go into the triage area...sit and wait for the assigned doctor...and sit and wait for the pharmacy.  Who wants to wait alone...NO ONE!  Enter those people who will pour out their lives for the sake of the Gospel.  From holding a baby so a mom can hear a clear presentation of the Word to playing a Scripture memory game with kids...taking temperatures of family members, dispensing medicine in the pharmacy, checking vision, showing people how to brush teeth...it's all a vital part of the outreach to the community.

But, this is not done in isolation apart from the church.  In fact, New Jerusalen Church (in Guatemala City) planted the mission church in Sacjavilla over three years ago.  And, that mission church has started Bible studies not only in their community but now also in the town of De Zet.  It is a community of believers reaching out to share the Gospel.  And, we get to be a part of that.

November 2-9 of this year will be the official dates of this clinic.  And, we are seeking God's plan for the following:

Doctors (preferably 4-5)
Nurses (4)
EMTs/Physician's Assistants (2-3)
Dentists (2)
Dental Hygienists (4)
Optometrists (2)
Pharmacists (2)
Pharmacy Technicians (2-4)
Physical Therapists (2)
Administrative Team (8-10)
Evangelism Team (6-8)
Children's Ministry Team (12-15)
Construction Team (6)
Community Outreach Team (6)

Can you help?  Do you know of someone who can?  We are asking you to pray and seek God's great wisdom as to what He would have you do.  For more information contact Sheryl at sheryl@1wayministries.org!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The God Who Pursues

This post was penned by Marina Provenzano, our semester intern from Samford University.  She accompanied us on the trip to Guatemala in March and is a pure delight!  

One of my favorite snapshots of the trip was during a home visit. Prior to entering this particular home, the ladies of the church told our group we were going to pray for a woman who had a brain stroke and was in a coma for a while. The ladies of the church have been visiting her often and praying for her. LIke many other visits, I was expecting to walk into a home and step into an environment that is in desperate need of Jesus.

However, it was just like God to far exceed my expectations of His power. As my group walked through the door, we saw the sick woman sitting up in her bed, fully aware that we had come to visit. Not only did the Lord heal her, but the reaction from the ladies was none like I have ever seen.  The ladies were smiling, clapping, crying, and singing. They immediately turned to Psalm 145, praising God for what He had done. 

At that moment, I saw the body of Christ at work and the glory of God being revealed. I saw how these women intentionally cared for those within the community by visiting them, praying for them, and sharing the Gospel. The ladies truly live out Matthew 28. Despite the weather conditions, the long walks, or the reactions they receive from the people, they are persistent with these visits. Their lives reveal who Jesus is -  God who continually pursues his people. 

As much as I thought I would help change lives in Guatemala, I am the one who came back changed.