Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello From Arizona!

Just a quick note to let you know things are going well here!

The team has had several unexpected changes this week, but is adjusting well to them. Some of the changes have included... The nursing home is on shutdown to prevent swine flu. We also had to move our VBS in Hickiwan to another location, we are now using the church across the street! We are getting more projects done and all is going well! Keep praying for us this week.

Hola Amigos....

More to write today from Guatemala!

Yesterdays update was from JT's phone. Today, the wireless internet is working here, and I can type on JT's computer. The ones in the library here have a different keyboard, and none of my letters are capitalized not to mention some signs are hard to figure out....

Here's what we are doing:

Saturday - we arrived thanks to the Lord's good timing. We almost missed our plane in Atlanta due to a ground halt on planes. They held the plane for us because of the group's size....Thank you Jesus for your timing! All of our bags arrived with us, and we were very grateful. We are staying at the Baptist Seminary here, and the accommodations are great. The kitchen staff is outstanding, and we are not missing any meals. In fact, we had to tell them to stop giving us so much food. Their servants' hearts are truly a blessing to us!

Sunday - we spent most of the day worshipping with fellow believers at New Jerusalen (spelled with a n on the end and not a m) Baptist church. Pastor Jorge Morales led much of the singing, and he turned it over to our group. Greg Brown and Amanda Brothers both shared their testimonies, and Angelia Stewart led the entire team in more musical worship. We sang in English and Spanish. Madison Turner and Caroline Stewart recited John 3:16-17 in Spanish! Jett quoted all of Psalm 23 and he was happy to share the stage with his Poppa! JT led the teaching time, and our group was so blessed to be among other believers.

We spent the afternoon getting settled into our surroundings, working on a plan for VBS, buying and sorting groceries for the dump, as well as sorting clothes to be given away.

Monday - we divided the group in half. Part of the group stayed at the Tabitha House in the city and worked with preschoolers and kindergarteners for the morning. The remaining team went into the dump to distribute food to families and to pray for them. The prayer times were extensive and powerful. We returned to the same places in the afternoon so that one team could return to the dump and the other could paint the Tabitha House. The visits during the afternoon were powerful and Spirit-filled.

Tuesday - same as Monday except we took the kids to the park. Some of them had never been before, and they enjoyed the time playing outside! Spiritual warfare was evident during the dump visits, and we saw God move in amazing ways.

Wednesday - today we spent the morning at Bethel Baptist Church. We held two assemblies with two different age groups. We led singing, played games, taught a Bible story and had a craft time. It was awesome to minister to fellow believers in the private school there. This afternoon, part of our team will be painting at the school. There is a rooftop playground area as well as 2 classrooms that need to be painted.

We are humbled by God's work here and are overwhelmed with the needs. However, we know that our God is Sovereign, and He has a plan. We are honored to be a part of it all!

We love you and are looking forward to telling you more about it when we get home. The pictures are awesome!

Sheryl Turner

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hola Amigos!

Just a quick update from Guatemala....

....Sunday was spent at church with Pastor Morales, the group led singing, testimonies, scripture and sermon in English and Spanish!

....Monday the group spent time in the dump....extreme poverty! Houses made of tin, tarps and cardboard....some have floors, others made of dirt. The group gave out groceries and prayed. Worked in Tabitha ministry with preschoolers and kindergarteners....taught bible stories & crafts and just loved on

Everyone is doing proud of the things God is doing here....

until next time....keep praying!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hola Amigos!

At the present moment, we are in-flight to Guatemala with a group of 18 people from Brookhills (Birmingham)! We are excited, eager and anxious all the same to be among the people there again. As many of you know, JT and Sheryl adopted their son, Jett, from the very orphanage they will be visiting. There is some anxiety and much prayer is being lifted for this little boy as he returns with them. There is concern for the emotions this may stir for him. Please lift this group, the Turner family and little Jett up in prayer as they are there. Pray for healing, for strength, and for God to be at work among the group so they can show the love of Jesus and lead people to Christ.

We are also in Arizona this week! We love that we are able to spread out and be in two areas of the world at the very same time. There are a group of 20 from Brookhills there this week sharing themselves and Jesus with the Tohono O'odham people. Please also remember them in your prayers as they seek to go where God leads them.

God Bless and we give Him the praise!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2 weeks

2 weeks from today we kick off the summer mission trips in Sells Arizona. We will also be traveling to Guatemala to work there for a week. This is an exciting time for us as we seek to go where God is leading. We ask you to begin to pray for OWM and the many trip participants as we prepare our hearts, our minds and our bodies for the work ahead. We need your support back home as we go into the field, it is very important. We ask that you pray for the people we will be encountering, for God to give us opportunities, and for the groups safety. We can't wait to update you along the way, telling you of our stories! Check back with updates and please keep us in your daily prayers!

In Christian Love,