Monday, December 5, 2011

Expectation of the Gift

We all are in the midst of the "Holiday Rush" as so many call it. Black Friday, sales in every store and lots of planning for the Christmas season all are consuming more and more of our time. We all fall prey to the advertisements and ads that seem to fill every inch of the page, both printed and electronic!

Yet, those of us who know the TRUTH, know what this season is really about. We all know that we are approaching the date on which we celebrate the incarnation of the God! You and I say to all of those around us that we are focused on the real reason for the season. We talk about the hype and share our opinions about how we all are too focused on the "mas", the more of Christmas than Christ. Yet, we all also are searching for just the right gift this season.

Last night I enjoyed a great time of fellowship with friends around a meal and an anticipated announcement. We eagerly awaited the news and announcement that would cause us to celebrate with shouts and excitement for the future. I am reminded of all through the Gospels and the New Testament we read of the coming again of our Lord. I am eager for the day!

Today I am being worked over by the Holy Spirit concerning my excitement for THE DAY! Each week we gather for worship with the Body and have fellowship with the whole assembly of our local church. We should eagerly anticipate the gathering of the Body each week together with the same anticipation of the gifts we will give and receive on Christmas day. We really should gather and talk about, search for, seek out, everything we can that tells us of the Day we will meet Him face to face!

Today as you look forward to the gift of Christmas, anticipate the celebration with family and friends, eagerly wait with expectation the time of celebrating with those closest to us Christmas, look forward to the day we all will gather with HIM!

Are you looking forward to the day we all will be with Him? Do you anticipate Sunday gatherings with eager expectations? Are you seeking, studying, discussing every detail of the coming events of corporate worship, small group gatherings and holiday celebrations?

Let's all look to the days ahead with such an eternal expectation that every holiday occasion becomes a Pre-Eternity celebration. As you join with family and friends this season, talk about the greatness of our God and how we look forward to the day that He comes to get His church and we all are with Him for Eternity! Let's live in full expectation of the completion of the gift that was bought on Calvary's cross for each of us! Celebrate His Coming Again!

In His Eternal Grip,