Monday, January 4, 2010

Arizona Mission Outpost

As 2010 begins it is clear to me that the Father is already planning some major things in AZ. I have been praying for two months about the work in AZ and where the Lord is going to take us this next year. As I begin to see the year unfolding in our plans I thought of the need to communicate to all of you who are reading our blog about some needs we have for you to get involved.

Often times we plan trips during various times of the year and then try to fill them even with a small group to fulfill the trip. This year we have planned fewer trips to AZ with the thought of focusing our attention on larger trips have a bigger impact on the rez. If you have been before you know how much ground there is to cover and the time involved in getting around to every village. if you have not been, imagine with us connecting to 15 communities in an area of 3 million acres. We need teams to go into the villages.

This year we need our trips to be full of teams ready to go and invest in the villages and communities that hold the hope of the future for the TO Nation. The future is in the lives of those who will follow after the heart of God and spread the Good News of Jesus to every corner of the reservation.

March 13-20 is the first trip of the 2010 year to Sells, AZ. This is the first opportunity to go to the nations and share the story of freedom and hope with a people who are in need of workers in the field. First Papago Church is situated and ready to serve the TO Nation by leading the people into the faith journey. They need help in the field of the harvest! God is moving through the small band of Christ-followers there in Sells and stirring across the reservation. The hearts of many people are being touched by this small congregation who takes seriously their role and responsibility to reach their nation.

I need you to help! The March trip is anchored by an outreach event called Rez 2 Rez. this is an event for youth outreach as the church hosts a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for the young people. The desire is to gather as many young people to the church and play basketball with an intentional focus on sharing the Gospel and loving on young people in the name of Jesus.

Will you consider getting involved in this event in some way? We need teams to go and help be coaches for the teams, serve food to the community that gathers, share with those whom the Lord brings and support the church as they reach out to their nation. The following week we have the opportunity to follow up on decisions and continue to reach into communities across the reservation. Will you consider joining the team?

We have three weeks of ministry planned for May and June. These trips are full of ministry to the individual communities spread across the reservation through VBS, crusade and evangelism. Please check out the dates and seek His face for where the Lord would have you invest your life in AZ!

This year our hope is to see house churches begin to meet across the rez as the church grows through discipleship and evangelism. Will you get involved and GO with us? The more teams we can spread across the rez the more communities we can impact and the more of the harvest field we can cover. I am asking the Lord of the harvest to send workers...will you ask the Lord of the harvest if you are one of those He is sending!

In His Grip,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dearest friends....As we reflect back on 2009, we are reminded of many wonderful memories. God has been ever present in and around us and we praise Him for that. God has used many of you to impact the kingdom this year and we know He will continue to do the same in 2010.

His word never fails or never grows old. His word is refreshing....
powerful....filled with hope! He can shine through the darkest situations that so many are facing right now. He transforms lives every day!

God provides people to go tell this Good News, and for that we are ever thankful. We carry His word to the desperate, impoverished people groups of our world and tell of the life-changing news of Jesus Christ. We must join together, follow His lead and carry out His mission. We must continue...we must not slow down...we must not stop. There are people who are waiting on us! Life is too short, we can not tarry when He tells us to GO. I ask you today to pray about where He is leading you this year. Get quiet and allow Him to speak to you. Ask Him to help you step out of your comfort zone, whether it be pride, fear, finances, self-confidence, etc. Ask Him to help you think of others first and be obedient to His calling.

We are praying that all trips this year will be full, that we can glorify God to our fullest potential. Every trip we offer is an opportunity from God to join Him in His plan. Will you accept the opportunity that has been placed before you?

I ask you now to pray about your plan and ask God where He wants you to go.
Let's make 2010 a year to remember!

God Bless each one of you....