Monday, September 24, 2012

November Needs and Future Plans

The summer season of ministry has led us to a tremendous opportunity with our friends in Guatemala!  November 2-4 our friends at Iglesia Jerusalen will be hosting a children's camp for the children of the church and community.  Last year we were able to share the need for backpacks and our supporters blew us away with providing all the funds for all of the packs in a day.  It is a huge joy seeing those packs walking around the community there near the church as children go to a from school.  The impact the church is having on the children of their community is amazing.

Once again they are leading a children's camp and need some help.  This year they have planned the camp to be during the first weekend of November.  the kids will all be just getting out of school for a break which is a perfect time to pour truth into their hearts!  This year several of us are going to be a part of the camp and celebrate with them.

In addition to the children going from the church community, this year we are helping Alma and her siblings go to camp with the church.  Alma, if you do not know, is a fourteen year old girl from Sajcavilla where the church has planted a mission church.  We have been helping her family and providing several essentials for them to help make life easier.  Alma is in a wheel chair and has endured many challenges through her life.  Her family is responding to the Gospel being demonstrated to them and we have been blessed to see the changes in their lives.  We are planning a huge celebration at children's camp for her birthday which is the day before camp begins.  This birthday is the biggest celebration most Guatemalans have for their birthday, age 15!  This will be a big celebration and exciting time in the church.

The costs for the children to attend this camp is $65 for the weekend.  There is room for 75 to attend the camp.  So, there are the numbers.  We are asking for anyone who would like to join us in supporting this camp to help sponsor a child for the camp.  The staff and workers at Jerusalen church have been working on plans and preparing to make this the best camp they have ever done.  I am so encouraged by the church and their commitment to the children and training them up in the Word.  Please join us in this effort to impact every child we can through this camp.  The theme for the camp is Transformers, being transformed by the renewing of our minds we then become transformers as we share the truth of His Word!  How awesome is that!

2013 is coming soon!  We will be posting to the website our 2013 schedule soon.  The new season of ministry brings new opportunities and challenges to see our faith stretched and His hand at work even more around the world.  New for 2013 will be some new locations and returning to some previous locations as we rekindle those relationships.  Pray with us now as we prepare and plan for the future months of ministry.  Begin to look at your calendar for 2013 and pray about when and where you can give 2% or more of your year to serve in another context and join the local church in reaching the world and teaching the Word!

In His Grip,