Monday, October 22, 2012

Follow Me!

Several months ago many of you know we began a journey to a healthier life.  This journey has been tough.  The days have at times been long and difficult to deal with as we have wrestled through years of disobedience.  And yes, that is what it all is...DISOBEDIENCE!

Many times in my life I have recognized an act or attitude or even a thought that is not in obedience with His Way.  Yet, in the midst of that moment I have allowed the flesh in me to overrule the Spirit in me and not respond out of a faithful heart.  So many times in my past I have done the very thing I knew not to do while not doing the things I knew I needed to do.  This attitude of pride and self-reliance manifests itself in different ways in us all.  For me it showed up in my extra 100 pounds I carried for so many years!  For me I allowed food and poor health to control the responses in my life to cover over my disobedience in other areas.

I know the importance of the daily disciplines of my faith journey.  But knowing them and putting them into practice are two entirely different things.  Today, I want to encourage you to do the "do's", and watch what He does with them.  This journey has had two major components that have impacted my life.  Training my body physically has been a major part of this change.  However, changing the way I see food has been equally as important.  There are good things to eat and there are bad things to eat.  We all know that.  We all know the things that we should not be eating.  I knew the things that I should not be eating. I had to learn the right things to eat.  I am learning how to eat the good things as i continue to not eat the bad things.  It takes both! Yet, for whatever reason we choose to do the thing we know not to do.  Why?

Years ago I heard a preacher say, "it is not enough to not do the nots, but I have to do the dos!"  This was long before the Do the Dew campaign for those of you of that generation!   This is so true for me.  I must focus on doing the right things if I want to not do the wrong things.  Eating the right foods has been as important as not eating the wrong the foods.  Doing the things that I know to do will produce what the Master has shown me are the fruits He desires.

Join me today in focusing on doing the dos!  Let us spend our hours today doing the things we know He wants us to do.  Focus your attention on the things He has placed in front of you today.  Look into the eyes of those precious gifts He has placed under your care and pour His truth into their hearts!  Speak today of His goodness and His faithfulness and His Ways.  Follow Him and he will make us into a unique, recreated fisherman who always catches more than expected and shares more than he has in order to experience more of His goodness which empowers him to share more of His glory with those around him.  Let us follow Him in doing the things we know to do and watch Him work miracles around us, in us and through us!

WOW, it is the most amazing thing in all the world that God cares for me as His adopted child so much that He lavishes daily upon me His grace and goodness so that His ways will be made known!  Today I will follow Him!

In His Grip,