Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Don't Have Time.....

"I don't have time" for Jesus was the woman's reason for not becoming a Christ-follower. I have to help my husband make shoes. I have 2 children. I have to provide for my family. I just don't have time.

The passion inside of me was about to boil over as I listened to this woman, living in a 2 room, delaphidated old house in Lantana, explain her situation in life. I am standing on a dirt floor and can see through the roof. Her two children are seated on the only two seats I can see in the house trying to finish their homework. The local pastor is pleading with the woman to give her life to Christ. I am appalled at her excuse...until..God Himself reminds me that we are rebellious. Our sin is NO different. Our lives are the same...filled with things to do and places to go. Overflowing with excuses for not spending time in His presence. I am humbled...He is using her life to remind me of my sin and the debt I owed.

One of the ladies from the local church, in a very pointed way, shares that we all have time for things that are important (these are the times when having our translator is handy for the simple delay in the relay of information). Then, the pastor asks several of us to share with the woman.

I have NO clue what was even said at that point except that God was glorified. Scripture was read and quoted and relied upon unashamedly. God's Word is POWERFUL, and His Gospel is true. God has spoken through His Word, and it is the best tool to point people to Christ!

The woman changed...her countenance immediately brightened...the load was lifted. Her new status was as a Christ-follower. My heart rejoiced. God took that moment in Guatemala to show me how powerful He is and how He draws people to Himself. We have NOTHING to do with salvation...He ALONE does all of the work. We just have to obey what He tells us to do...and He will be glorified.

What do you have time for today?