Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer Always Changes Things

For those of you following the ministry blog, I apologize for the delay in an update. I will try to be more regular with posts and updates in the days and weeks to come.

Today we experienced the power of prayer in a powerful way. Our day yesterday was tough as the children seemed out of control and not ready to listen. As we shared with the leadership at Jerusalen Church about how the day went we were reminded that we had not gathered to pray before the children joined us. This was a humbling moment for us all! We were so eager to get busy working we had overlooked a basic step of obedience.

As we gathered together today in the sanctuary before any children arrived, prayers were lifted and the Father granted our team focused hearts. All morning the team experienced group after group of children listening and learning. Praying over the children and again praying before the afternoon sessions brought more of the same. The children listened, learned and responded today in an amazing way!

Thank you to our faith family here in Guatemala for helping us refocus and recenter our obedience! We look forward to one more morning tomorrow with children at Jerusalen Church and then on to Lantana to visit and share in homes. We will carry food bags and the Gospel tomorrow as we walk with the young Lantana church into their community. Pray with us as we seek His will for our remaining time here in Guatemala. Pray for open hearts and boldness to come not in the absence of fear rather boldness to come in the presence of obedience!

In His Grip,