Monday, October 20, 2014


Recently while running in the early morning hours in New Mexico, this whole idea of Pray, Go, Give was on my mind and heart.  I realized the Lord was impressing upon my heart to continue this discussion.  I have been wrestling with Him over this for a week or so now, so finally I am going to follow His leading and share more about this...

I was crossing the bridge in Tohatchi, NM early one morning before the sun had risen when it hit me how I am to pray for missional living in the coming days.  The Lord used this morning time of running to speak to me about this whole idea of PRAY-GO-GIVE!  You see as I was crossing the bridge I had to pay close attention to my steps to avoid the huge cracks in the bridge and the holes that randomly appeared in some of the panels of the bridge.  While looking closely at the ground and listening to the sounds of the dark surrounding me it hit me.  This is exactly what the Lord is asking of me in relation to praying for missional living!

Dark all around me, unfamiliar surroundings, unusual sounds, dogs barking in the distance, cool crisp morning air and the anticipation of daybreak!  This is our prayer life, right?  In the middle of a dark land without hope or help, we beseech the Father on behalf of those stuck in the darkness.  They are living a life that is destined to send them off the cliff into the darkness of eternal separation from God and they have no hope, except for those of the Body who are willing to go and share the Gospel message!  The unfamiliar surroundings are so often overwhelming for us that we shy away from the task at hand.  We hear the sounds and wonder what is around the corner or what will we face next to wrestle with over our obedience, when just over the horizon is the light of day coming to chase the darkness away!

Our time in prayer must reflect our belief in the sovereignty of a Holy God who holds the moments of every life in His hands.  No matter how dark the current surrounding may be, no matter how unfamiliar the sounds, no matter how unknown the next corner is to us...the daylight is coming and we must press on in prayer for the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into the field!  While I was running I kept on running in hopes of daylight changing the whole experience.  We too must press on in our praying for the servants in the field and the hope of truth to be shared with great anticipation of the coming daylight!  Jesus is coming again!

I recall as the first light of day began to break over the hills in the distance, the whole time of running in this unfamiliar place changed.  I began to feel more relaxed and recognize all of my surroundings.  And, even though it was not home, it was familiar enough to press on with a renewed sense of finishing the run!  As you and I consider how we are to respond to the words we hear during our prayer times, we all must consider how we GO!  Each morning the darkness seems to be too dark, the road seems too unfamiliar, the sounds too unknown to get out and run.  Yet, when I found myself obeying the instructions of the day, I found a great peace and great comfort in the break of day!

Boldness does not come in the absence of fear...rather boldness comes in the presence of obedience!  I found the confidence to finish the run only when I got out there and pressed on through the darkness and found the light in the midst of my obedience.  This is exactly what the Lord is saying to us about our going.  I know I will find the strength and confidence I need to press on in the field when I commit to GO to the field and serve, show and share the Gospel.  The Lord is right now impressing upon many of you to commit to GO to the field.  You've been praying for the field for some time now.  Now, He is telling you to find the boldness in your obedience...committing to GO!

The field is ripe unto harvest and the workers are few, Pray and GO!  We need you to join us in the field with confident hearts in the power of the Gospel message and the belief that the Lord of the Harvest is going to complete the work He has begun in each of us.  The workers who have committed their lives to the field need you to join them for a short while to help press on and continue in the work of the harvest.  The Lord desires to shape and mold your life to be more like Him and He wants to use the field to do it!

As I would come to the end of the run, the sun was coming up in full force, the warmth of the day was building and the sights were becoming very clear.  The sky was opening up into a beautiful morning sky that was limited only by my ability to take it in from horizon to horizon.  The overwhelming goodness of the Lord would overcome the questions of the early part of the run and I would begin to forget how dark it was and how unfamiliar it felt.  In response to the Lord's faithfulness I would easily give Him my day and expect Him to guide my every step.  You see the early morning steps of obeying Him in prayer and going out the door, opened the door for me to GIVE everything up to Him.  I think this is the very path He is guiding each of us to take.  PRAY to the Lord of the harvest with full expectation of His light coming into the day and making it an awesome experience in Him.  GO with obedience that trusts His heart and follows His guidance with each step we take.  GIVE everything I have in response to His greatness and His goodness and His faithfulness to me!

Will you today... PRAY...GO...GIVE!

In His Grip,
JT Turner

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


All through our faith journey there are people the Lord brings across our path that are used to influence our journey.  These people come in our daily life, on special occasions and during intentional events planned to help us be challenged.  Short-term missions is one of those tools the Lord uses to help shape our world and direct our paths throughout this journey of faith.  As you and I consider how the Lord has and will use short term missional experiences to shape our world and impact our journey,  I would like to challenge you to think with me in a very specific way!

Take time to pray for the Lord to direct your heart and mind in the steps you need to take to engage people and encounter experiences that will have eternal impact on your life.  So many of us have in the past been involved in events or experiences that have been clearly directed by the Father to influence and impact our world!  We all need to take the time to pray for our view of these experiences.  We all need to pray for those we've met on this journey in those places of service and ministry.

If you've been out of your home context and served along side anyone on the mission field you know the impact that experience has had on your world.  The Lord uses those times outside of our comfort zone to shake us up and help us see beyond the immediate world right around us and see His hand at work all over the world.  Take time to pray for the workers in the field right now who are investing their lives for the sake of the Kingdom.  Pray for the lives of those children you met and played with.  Pray for the church in that local community that is struggling to be the light and salt to their neighbors.  Pray for the pastors and missionaries who are helping to guide the church in disciple-making and evangelism.  Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the field!

As you pray for those around the world in the places of need and harvest, consider how you can go and be a part of the Kingdom work.  If you've been you know the impact.  If you have not been, listen to those who have been and believe them when they say it is a life-changing experience!  Pray for the Lord to direct your path and your life in such a way that you are willing and eager to go to another context, outside of your home culture, and serve along side the church at work.

As you search for places to go, look for the work that is being done by organizations and churches to show and share the Gospel.  Every bit of our work as a short-term missionary should be done to support and encourage the local church in its efforts to reach their community and teach the Word to those in their community.  Look for those opportunities to invest your life in ministry that shows the Gospel and shares the Gospel intentionally.  Organize your life in such a way to be able to go.  Get your passport, plan your vacation time or time off from work and commit to going to the field to serve and share!

If you have been on the field you know, especially those of us who live in the US, that God has blessed us with resources that are needed all over the world.  In Psalm 67, we see clearly that the Lord will bless for the sake of His ways being made known and His salvation being shared!  After walking along side missionaries, pastors and church members in a missional environment, you cannot help but see the overwhelming need they face every day.  There is need for food, for shelter, for care to be given to children, medicine, teaching, and truth!  The needs are unending and the task of meeting those needs is overwhelming to those on the ground serving daily.  As you pray for those who are there serving and you go to visit them and serve along side them...come home and commit to give to support their work.  Be involved in their work for the Kingdom through supporting their daily efforts of going on a regular basis.  Get involved monthly, quarterly or annually with supporting the efforts of the local church, the pastor and the missionaries there to reach the world and teach His Word!

Take time today to consider how He wants you to PRAY, GO and GIVE so we can together Reach the world and Teach the Word!

In His Grip,