Wednesday, September 24, 2014

He Invited Me!

During the past few weeks I have been searching through the memories of the years I have spent in ministry for those significant spots to reflect on as I walk this journey.  Yes, at my age I begin to reflect a great deal on the past and wonder how much more time I will spend here on this journey.  The thoughts do not come with a sense of regret or disappointment.  In reality they come with great appreciation and amazement!

I recall many years ago sitting in a room full of teenagers and adults listening to a man share about how the Gospel is real and is shared through the Spirit of God to specific individuals at very specific times in history.  As I sat in the back of the sanctuary of Fayetteville First Baptist Church I could not help but really consider the work the Holy Spirit was doing in my life.  For a week I had been wrestling in my mind and my heart with the realities of this Gospel message.  I knew what the truth was, but was it really real in my life and could it change my life were the questions I was asking over and over again.

I remember vividly a Saturday night in May 1979, the Lord spoke to me as real as anyone has ever spoken to me and He invited me to be HIS!  This was a moment I will never forget and will always reflect on as the moment of conversion in my life.  That night I bowed on my knees and confessed Jesus as Lord of my life.  I realized that night He invited me to be one of His own disciples.  That night I began this incredible journey of faith that continues to this very moment!

Just a little more than one year later I found myself sitting on my knees in a quiet room in a mountain chapel.  Next door to the room was the evening youth service during our summer camp experience.  In that quiet room everything faded away and my focus was on this same Jesus speaking to me as clearly as I heard the previous year.  This time His words were very similar but unique.  I heard the voice of the Savior say once again, "I invite you to be mine!"  This time He was inviting me to join Him in this amazing work of ministry that has forever transformed my world!  That night I felt the Lord ask me to serve Him for the rest of my days in a unique way with all of my life.

This journey in ministry has been a bit more of a struggle than I thought it would be.  The days of wrestling with Him became much more frequent.  The times of deep pain in my soul over the lost and the broken hearted has often felt like more than I could bear.  The overwhelming sense of responsibility for communicating the truth of His Word has been a weight only He can give enough strength to carry!

In the midst of all the struggle and wrestling comes a sense of excitement and joy...because He invited me to join Him!  Yes, the Lord Jesus invited me to join Him in the work of Gospel spreading, disciple-making, sheep herding ministry He had begun 2000 years earlier.  This is an amazing thing that He does in us as we surrender to His will and follow His purposes.  The journey is not easy.  The Way is not smooth and without its potholes and bumps.  The path is the most challenging path to follow at times.  But with all of its tough times and struggles it is the most awesome journey anyone can be invited to join!

The most incredible aspect of this journey, apart from the grace that He pours out, is that He does not allow us to make this journey alone.  He invites others to join the journey!  Yep, YOU have been invited to join this amazing journey of faith!  You have been invited to make a difference with your life!  You have been invited by the King to serve the Kingdom with all of your gifts, abilities and talents for the purpose of making His Gospel known to al who will hear!

Will you join me in this amazing journey of faith and make His Gospel known?  I so want to experience His presence in my life as I serve the Kingdom.  I also  want to sense your presence beside me as I reach this world with His truth.  Will you join me?  Will you get involved beside me as we seek to share the Gospel and teach His Word to everyone we can?

Please take a few moments right now to consider how He has invited you to join Him.  Think through the times in your life when you know God was speaking to you and calling you to a great work for the Kingdom.  Remember His words to you and how excited you were to follow Him into this amazing journey.  Now, ask Him to renew within you the desire to serve Him with everything you have!  Look for ways you can get involved right where you are in His purposes and His ways of reaching the world with His truth.  Seek to join others in their journey and make an impact on the lives of those right around you.  Reach your world with His truth and teach His Word to all who will listen!

The Lord has invited us as a ministry to join His work in several locations.  This invitation has come with great anticipation.  Through the years of serving along side the churches in missions, we have seen God's hand at work in many places.  Each time He invites us to get involved it always comes with great struggle and sacrifice.  His invitation to get involved with Him in His work requires a growing of our faith and a stretching of our trust in Him.  He always challenges us to go with Him to a place that simply does not seem possible from our perspective.  Yet, He always comes through with resources and people to show us His plans and His purposes.  We face some of those days again today!

God has invited us to walk the journey of establishing a permanent presence of the church in Sajcavilla, Guatemala.  To see this happen we will need to gather resources far above what we have to accomplish His plans.  We trust His heart to guide us in this journey and know He will provide.  It is with great anticipation that we share this invitation with all who will join us!  God desires to establish a lighthouse of truth and a beacon of hope in this Guatemalan community.  We know He is at work in Sajcavilla as we see His hand stirring the community for His grace and His salvation.  Each trip we take to work along side the church there in Sajcavilla we meet new followers of Christ and we hear of His great work of healing, restoring and saving!

The Lord of the harvest has invited many of you to get involved in the harvest in Guatemala.  Will you today join us in this great adventure and partner with the church in Sajcavilla as they plant roots down in the community to build, grow and reach the precious people of that community?  We need many of you to commit to support with financial resources.  We need many of you to join us as we go and serve with the church.  We need many of you to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send the workers into the field and strengthen the workers as they go.  We need servants to go and teach His Word, make disciple-makers, and encourage the church as they reach their world!  Will you please join us right now as the door of opportunity for the church is open and the community is seeking the hope that comes in the Gospel message being shown and shared!

He has invited every one of us to join Him.  He desires each one of us to answer the call to get involved with Him in His work.  Will you say yes today to His invitation to get involved with Him in His work of ministry and mission to reach the world and teach His Word!!

In His Grip,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Where is My Faith?

As long as I can remember I have been involved in the church.  I mean as far back as my memory goes I have memories of being very involved in the church and around the church and impacted by the church.  As a young child I was at church for almost any occasion that was offered.  As a teenager I spent hours and hours hanging out at the church and involved in the activities of the church.  Even in my adult years I have found myself desiring to be around the church and involved in the church even when I did not have to be there.  My life has been immersed in the life of the church.

In 2001 when God began to guide my life outside the formal staff position to One Way Ministries as the primary avenue of ministry for me, I struggled to understand it all.  I struggled to see how this would be the same.  I struggled with how it fit within the context of the local church and God's priority of that body being His primary agent of change in the world.  However, through the years since that day God has taught me many lessons about this ministry He has called me to accomplish.

For years I wondered why I moved from church to church and had so many different people cross my path as mentors and leaders and influences.  Over the past few years I have come to a better understanding of His divine plan in my life.  I am so thankful for the amazing teachers, mentors and guides He has placed in my life through the years.  I have had the privilege of serving along side and under some great men and women of God!  I have developed friendships and relationships through the years that have taught me so much about His character, His ways and His purposes in my life and the life of the church.

All of this I am sharing with you today to come to this one main conclusion.  The only reason I do not see the hand of God more often in my daily life is the simple lack of faith on my part to trust Him more and give Him more of my life!  Where is my faith?  Where is my trust in Him? Where is my confidence in the One who made all things, controls all things and will bring all things to completion in His time?  The only thing standing between me and the mighty things He has planned for me is my faith!

Years ago I learned a simple way of understanding faith.  Many of you probably have heard this yourself...Forsaking All I Trust Him!  Now I know some folks will rip this apart theologically and take issue with especially the "I", but i can't help but lean on simple understanding to find the faith I need.  You see if I begin to forsake my own understanding and my own ways and my own agenda I begin to see His plans and His ways more clearly.  If I walk away from all the things that seem to distract me from Him and focus my energy and efforts on His ways and His purposes I meet Him more often in my daily life.  If I take responsibility for myself and recognize it is not due to the way I was raised, the environment in which I have been forced to live or some other person's oppressive dictatorship in my life that has caused me to be like I am.  It is because I have made the choices I have made and I have developed the world view I have developed that drives my decisions and my world.  When I forsake all I trust and I put all of my trust in Him i begin to experience a faith that is from Him.  The more I trust Him to guide my daily life the easier it is to trust Him to guide my weekly and monthly life.  The more I trust Him with small and medium sized decisions, the easier it becomes to trust Him with the big ones!

We all would agree that this is true, but we all would probably also agree that this is far easier to say than to actually do!  Yet, this is the very thing He is asking us to do!  The days ahead for One Way Ministries seem to be full of God-sized tasks.  These tasks seem to be more than we can possibly accomplish.  We are feeling the weight of what He is showing us He wants to do and it is too heavy to carry alone!  Today I need to have FAITH in His ability to accomplish all He has planned!

These years of learning from great men and women of faith have led me to this point.  I NEED YOUR HELP!  Yes, the future of One Way Ministries could be developed and worked out behind closed doors and with a few people and we would be able to move forward slowly and simply the way we have for the past thirteen years.  However, that is not what I need to do to be obedient to what the Lord wants us to do in the future.

In order for us to accomplish what the Lord is guiding us to do, we as a ministry need help.  We need help from people and churches, from teams and individuals.  We need help in our decision making as well as our field implementation.  It is time that many of you who have walked this road with us share some of your insight, wisdom and talents with us and lets take this to the next level where He seems to be guiding us.

In 2015 we will host two fund raising events.  We have never held an event in our ministries' history for the purpose of raising funds.  However, we are in a place where we need more funding for ministry work that we know He is calling us to accomplish.  We know that if He is calling us to accomplish these things He will provide all we need for them.  So, we need some help with these two fund raisers to make them as successful as they can be.  We need some folks who know races and how to organize a race to help us as we form a race leadership team to plan, organize and accomplish a great 5K/10K race in February 2015.  In addition we need to form a leadership team to help guide the fund raiser in August 2015.  The August time will be much more involved as it will be a great time of sharing about what the Lord is doing in the ministry as well as a time to rally the troops to raise awareness and funds for some major efforts around the globe.

If you will take time to pray right now for these two teams and how the Lord wants to build these teams.  I firmly believe that many of the people who have come across the path of our ministry have incredible gifts and abilities that will help make these events successful times in the life of our ministry.  I am very encouraged by the hope of the teams that will form and the wisdom that the Lord will bring to the table to showcase His work in Guatemala and New Mexico.  I look forward to the lives that will be impacted in the coming days as these two events come to a reality and the Gospel message is proclaimed with boldness through efforts funded and supported by so many!

If after praying about these two teams, you feel like the Father is directing you to get involved and join either one of these teams, please contact me directly at  I look forward to the ways we will partner together to reach the world and teach the Word to all nations!

Stay tuned as we begin the process of laying out the plans for these God-sized tasks He has placed before us.  In the coming days we will try to systematically lay out the tasks, the challenges and the goals to accomplish all that he has directed us to attempt for His name's sake!  Pray with us for discernment both here and on the ground in all the locations we are serving.  Pray with us for wisdom in how to support the local church through these efforts and assist the Gospel ministry that each pastor and group of leaders are actively pursuing within each community, region and the world!  Pray about joining us in the field as we go and walk along side brothers and sisters who are reaching their world and teaching the Word to all who will hear.  Pray with us as we follow His heart!

In His Grip,

Monday, September 8, 2014

God Sized Plans

In Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, one of the concepts that is somewhat of a struggle to realize is that when God begins to show you His plan it often times appears to be so big that it seems impossible!  His plans are God-sized plans and they require His orchestration, involvement and power to accomplish.  Today we are entering into another season with One Way Ministries where we see God-sized plans and recognize there is no way we can accomplish them without Him!

The Father has been guiding us as a ministry to partner with local churches in various locations. Our goal is always to assist and encourage their work.  The primary avenue through which blessings from God are given is the local church.  His plan for reaching the world is through the local church.  God's Word supports the local church being the primary agent of change in the communities and cultures around the world.

This truth about the local church has driven One Way Ministries to be very intentional about partnerships.  The partnerships we seek to develop are what is called, "mutually beneficial partnerships."  This concept is based on the truth of the local church being the primary agent of blessing and change in the world.  This partnership is also based on both partners offering to provide for the other based on the gifts, abilities and ministry resources provided by the Father.  It is these truths that have formed the parameters of our relationships on the ground in every location the Lord has led us to connect.

Our partnership in Guatemala has been growing now for several years.  We have reached a very good place with the local church and hear from them concerning real needs and ways we can help.  They are doing the work of the ministry and recognize it is their responsibility to reach their world.  We are now walking through the joys of watching the Lord expand that vision beyond their own community to other communities and other parts of the world.

After the Lord led Iglesia Jerusalen to plant a work four years ago in a Mayan community about an hour outside the city, God has opened the door for the mission church in Sajcavilla to become a permanent, established church family with a home base and facilities.  Through the faithful giving of those He has directed, the church has secured a piece of land and begun the planning process for the development of that land into the ministry base He has in mind.  This is where the vision and plans become God-sized!

The church in Sajcavilla is active and growing.  The community is beginning to ask for the church to begin to meet on the property so they can join the gathering.  A tent is coming soon to help the church begin regular meetings and allow the growth to begin.  It is an exciting day in the partnership and in Guatemala.  It is an exciting time in our ministry as well.

We see the needs that are before us in our partnership and recognize it is far more than we can possibly do.  We are already pouring into many areas of ministry through the partnership and see that we have no extra funds or ways to support this new work.  Yet, the Father continues to carry us down this road!  So, here we go!

We are announcing today our 2015 / 2016 trip dates!


January     16-18     Birmingham, AL                    Local Missions Partnerships

February   27-28      Fund Raiser 5K/10K Race     Birmingham, AL

March       7-14       Guatemala                              31 Gifts Ladies' Trip

March 28-April 4    Spring Break Trip                   Location TBA 

April         4-11       New Mexico                           Navajo Nation

May          24-31     Guatemala                              Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House

May 30 - June 6      Guatemala                              The Church at Brook Hills Family Mission Trip

June          13-20     New Mexico                           Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation
                 20-27      New Mexico                           Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation

July           5-12       Guatemala                               Mother/Daughter Trip with TC@BH
                 11-18      Guatemala                               Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House
                 18-25      Guatemala                               Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House

August      14-15      Fund Raiser Golf Tournament / Dinner / Auction Birmingham, AL

September 4-7         Birmingham, AL                      Local Missions Partners
                  5-12       Guatemala                                Joshua's Men from Atlanta Men's Ministry Trip

October      2-13      Nepal Discovery Trip              IMB Missionaries in Western Nepal
                   3-10      New Mexico                            Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation

November  7-14      Guatemala                                Medical Clinic and Teaching in Sajcavilla

December   26-2      New Mexico                            Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation
                   26-2       Uganda                                    Partner Ministries in Kampala and N. Uganda


January     15-17      Birmingham, AL                     Local Missions Partnerships

February   26-27      Fund Raiser 5K/10K Race      Birmingham, AL

March       5-12       Guatemala                               31 Gifts Ladies' Trip
                 19-26      Spring Break Trip                    Location TBA 

April         1-8         New Mexico                           Navajo Nation

May          21-28      Guatemala                               Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House
           28-June 4      Guatemala                              

June          18-25      New Mexico                           Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation
           25-July 2       New Mexico                            Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation

July           9-16       Guatemala                               Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House
                 16-23      Guatemala                               Sajcavilla / New Jerusalen / Tabitha House
           23-Aug 6      Uganda

August      12-13     Fund Raiser Golf Tournament / Dinner / Auction Birmingham, AL

September 2-4        Birmingham, AL                     Local Missions Partners

September 30-Oct. 15   Nepal Trip                         IMB Missionaries in Western Nepal

October      1-8       New Mexico                            Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation

November  5-12     Guatemala                                Medical Clinic and Teaching in Sajcavilla

December   29-2     New Mexico                            Tohatchi Baptist Church, Navajo Nation
                   26-2      Uganda                                    Partner Ministries in Kampala and N. Uganda

These dates are the projected trips we have set for our partner locations.  Our desire is to fill these and build a framework with our regular partnerships on these dates and locations.  We would also like to fill dates in between these trips with custom trips for specific teams for some very specific work on the ground in our partner locations.  Please contact us at for more information, questions or more specific details.

Our hope is that with a two year plan many of the teams whom God will guide to partner with us will have plenty of time to help prepare and support the work being done in Guatemala and around the globe.  The needs for the US church to step up and support the work of the local church around the world is overwhelming.  Many places, like Guatemala, have a great deal of church presence and very little Gospel impact.  Many teams go and do ministry projects and encourage the church, yet little eternal impact is being seen throughout some of these areas.  We have been asking the question of why there is no lasting Gospel impact in these locations for the past several years.  As we approach 2015 we want to change some of that with what we have learned!

In 2015 we will begin to focus our efforts on supporting the local church in three primary ways.  We will support the local church in evangelistic efforts through home visits and intentional Gospel presentation.  The Gospel is what we know has transforming power.  It is this Gospel truth that must be shared in homes and classrooms around the world to have eternal impact.  So, every trip will have a very intentional evangelistic emphasis that will show and share the Gospel along side the local church.  We will also support the local church through teaching the Word.  It is the Word of God that has power to transform, change and grow the heart of every believer into a disciple maker.  Our commitment to the local church is to intentionally equip teams to assist the local church in its understanding and learning of the Word of God through Bible teaching elements in every trip designed to gather the body together and open the Word of God for spiritual nourishment and strength.  We will support the local church through financial sacrifice and support.  The instructions in the Word teach us to sacrificially give out of the excesses God gives us to make His ways known and His salvation known.  We will direct the attention of the teams and churches who partner with us to support the growth, ministries and outreaches of the local church with financial support.

In the coming weeks we will begin to communicate the picture of partnership that will move the local church forward in these areas we serve and will allow teams to assist in the reaching of the world and teaching of then Word.  Please join us in praying for the Lord to grant discernment and wisdom to all of us making decisions about the plans the Lord has for our partnerships and ministry efforts.  The needs are God-sized with every one of our partners.  The plans He is showing us are God-sized in every way.  Therefore we are going to stand in the hope of the response being God-sized!  Join us in praying for teams to commit to partner with the local church to see eternal impact of the Gospel.  Pray with us for His Word to grow in the hearts and minds of the local church as they learn His ways and His purposes.  Pray with us for the generous giving of the members of the body to assist the local church in accomplishing its purposes in the local communities in which they have been planted!  Pray with us for the future work to be done through the partnerships on the ground as the local church reaches its world and teaches the Word!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tabitha House


Several years ago we as a ministry were introduced to a ministry of our partner church in Guatemala City, Iglesia Jerusalen.  This ministry is a critical daycare ministry in the city dump of Guatemala City.  This community is home to over 40,000 people who survive on less than $2 a day.  The majority of the people living in this community are women and children.  Several years ago a ministry was begun called Tabitha House.  This ministry is a free daycare for women who are working in the dump community and 100+ children.  The daycare provides meals and classes for the children ranging from birth up to twelve years old or so.  Many of the women who are involved in this ministry have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus through the outreach and care of this ministry.  This is truly a ministry that embodies the Romans 2:4 concept of God's kindness drawing us to a place of repentance.

Through the years many churches and groups have been supporting this ministry.  Over the course of the past year many of these churches have concluded their commitment to this ministry to move on to other areas of ministry in other parts of the world.  In addition this area of the world seems to be forgotten often times in light of the urgent physical needs in "unreached" and "unengaged" regions in another hemisphere.  As a result Tabitha House is in a very difficult place in need of food resources to feed the children!

Today we are sending out the call to ask many of those who are familiar with Tabitha House and its eternal impact on so many lives, both in Guatemala and in the US, to HELP.  Our staff on the ground in Guatemala City along with our partner pastor are going to Tabitha House weekly to encourage and help provide what they can from their own pockets.  We as a ministry are asking for you to help meet this urgent need in two ways.

We need some immediate resources to stock their pantry for the next several weeks to feed the children.  They have 80-100 children daily and sometimes that number swells to over 120 when the resources are there and the staff is able to connect with the women in the dump.  Secondly we need commitments to provide ongoing support on a monthly basis.  These commitments can be individuals, groups, churches, or companies.  All monies are given through One Way Ministries and administered through Iglesia Jerusalen.  Our goal is to assist in getting them to a stable place and evaluate the best method for raising awareness and support.  This ministry is to the poorest people group in Guatemala and is often the most difficult to establish sustainable support.  Our goal is $2000/month to support the most number of children possible.

Please consider helping us meet an urgent need, assist in helping them reach a stable place and then help us establish a long-term solution for this ministry to continue.  The women and children in this community have much urgent physical and spiritual need.  Please pray for Tabitha House, the families living in the dump community and for the Gospel to be shown and shared daily through this critical ministry of the local church.

Please contact if you need more information, have questions about how to support this ministry or simply want to get involved in some way!

In His Grip,